Beginner Level (L1/L2)


Intermediate Level (L3/L4)


Advanced/Conversational Level (L5/L6)

Beginner Level (L1/L2)

2 The Beginner course is aimed to complete beginners, who want to take the first steps to learn Spanish it will start with the basics of the language, then moves on to topics such as:

  • Greetings
  • Self-introduction, greet and open conversations
  • To ask and answer basic questions (phone number, email, nationalities, etc.)
  • Dates, Time, Days of the week
  • The family, its members, personality, etc. 
  • Expressing needs and preferences
  • Preferences and Free time activities
  • Moods and feelings
  • Describing your home, neighbourhood and where things are located
  • Traveling and getting around the city

Textbook Edinumen Contextos A1/A2 – Libro del alumno will be used to help students learn and practice.

2022/9/26-2023/5/22 (30 lessons)
Every Monday 18:45-20:30
Class size: 13 – 20
HK$ 3500 ($200 New Student discount for payment by 31 Aug 2022)  

Intermediate Level (L3/L4)

The Intermediate Level course is designed for students who have grasped the basics of the language but require some practice. The class will cover topics such as:

  • How to express wishes, needs & future plans
  • Describe personal experiences (uses of past tenses)
  • Make comparisons
  • Give opinions 
  • Agreement or disagreement 
  • Phone conversations and arrange meetings
  • Vocabulary regarding clothing, body parts, food, etc.
  • Food, and how to buy in a shop
  • How to greet, answer and give presents during birthday parties
  •  Revising the past tense in Spanish and the present continuous tense
  • Ask for information about transport and directions
  • Describe your favorite leisure activities 

Textbook Edinumen Contextos A2/B1 – Libro del alumno will be used to help students learn and practice.

2022/9/28-2023/5/10 (30 lessons)
Every Wednesday 18:45-20:30
Class size: 10 – 20
HK$ 3500 

Advanced/Conversation Level

This course is aimed at who have already completed 240 contact hours of of Spanish lessons.

The main objective of this course is for learners to develop advanced grammatical language structures and lexis in contextual situations. The discussion of various local, regional and global news and current affairs topics in Spanish is encouraged. In addition, other topics such as: culture, art, politics, customs, traditions, lifestyle in the Spanish speaking world would be explored.

The course will cover Spanish language tools which can be used in daily Spanish in language for communication conversational situations.

2022/9/26-2023/5/22 (30 lessons) 
Every Monday 18:45-20:30
Class Size: 9 – 15
HK$ 4500 


This will be my 3rd year in the Conversation Level class and the one thing that keeps me coming here is the stress-free learning structure. 

The class’ structure allows students to practice the Spanish grammar that they previously learnt elsewhere or in lower levels, and apply them in a discussion mode in class.
Not only only do we get to drill on our listening, speaking and writing skills, but also get to cover trends or latest news in Hispanic countries, as well as to see things in their perspective.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to maintain their Spanish in a conventional learning environment.

May Hsuan